Simply Superior Performance.

Vermatic cushion-clamp assemblies are a simple, reliable system that reduces shock and vibration caused by fluid surges in pipes, tubes, and hoses used in both mobile and stationary industrial applications.

The cushions are composed of a high impact copolymer with exceptional toughness, low temperature impact resistance, and long life to temperatures of +220º F. The polypropylene remains stable in applications subjected to light acids, solvents, fuels, mineral oils, alcohol, paints, and salt water.

Over three decades of expertise.

For more than thirty-five years Vermatic has been manufacturing hose, tubing and piping clamps for industry and original equipment manufacturers. Today more than ever, we’re focused on being our customers’ number one resource for products and service.

Beyond products, we’re able to provide a degree of service that is rare in manufacturing today. All our products are manufactured in the USA which allows us to streamline our order and manufacturing process, delivering on-time and on-budget.

In addition to our standard product line, Vermatic has the flexibility and expertise to develop custom products for a range of specialized applications. Whether you need clamps for managing hoses on stationary equipment to super heavy-duty applications and specialized configurations, we can help.

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